Do You Have A Coworking Space & Want More Startups & Entrepreneurs To Subscribe?

If so, then this will be the most interesting page you'll ever see today. 

  • Attract! Get startups and entrepreneurs to visit your venue and learn more about your offers

  • Warm! Connect with your audience in value-added atmosphere so they appreciate you

  • Offer! Ask your true fans to take action and go to the next level by investing with you


Simple Activation, More Results.

  • Attracting Your Core Audience 

    We'll run a Meetup/Seminar registration funnel through our ads network and following base to announce the event date, topic, and place (your venue). Once we reach a specific number of registrations that ensures we hit the number of required attendees, we close the registration and start a worming up process so everyone in the funnel gets to know you even more. 


    After that, we run a quick reminder to make sure we still get the desired number of people to attend the seminar. We do that though phone calls, chatbot, emails, and FB retargeting.    

  • Presenting Value Added Content 

    On the event day, we present value added content based on the topic we announced in the registration funnel and make sure all participant get the transformation they opted in for so they feel grateful for the opportunity provided by the event host (your company) 

  • Presenting Your Offer(s)

    At the end of the seminar Huthayfa presents your offers to the audience and we share with you the contact details of the attendees so you follow up with them later and close a deal. 

Choose The Right Plan To Your Business

Pricing Plans

No hidden fee or enforced commitment on your side. You can cancel anytime.

One Meetup

Crafted for coworking venues 


One Payment

1 Meetup 

10 - 15  Attendees

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Two Meetups

Crafted for coworking venues 


One Payment

2 Meetups 

15 - 20 Attendees

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Three Meetups

Crafted for coworking venues 


One Payment

3 Meetups

20 - 25 Attendees

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Four Meetups

Crafted for coworking venues 


One Payment 

4 Meetups

25 - 30 Attendees

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