JAN 17, 2019

Why FB Video Ads Is The Most Effective Way To Get Customers​

Huthayfa Nawafleh

Marketer & Entrepreneur 

Huthayfa is a digital marketer whose passion is all about how to use the internet and the technology to grow small businesses and help marketers and entrepreneurs live a stress free life. 

This article is about how 4 out of every 5 customers are driven to purchase because of video marketing and what you need to do in order to protect your business and avoid losing 80% of your market share 

4 out of every 5 customers are driven to purchase because of video marketing


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In November 2017, Khamis & I agreed to offer my help to his company (Golden Class Services) and the deal was as follow: 


“I’ll create an online marketing campaign for his business to help them reach potential customers who need help in doing the paperwork of establishing a new business in the UAE. 


The plan was to use Facebook Video Ads to drive traffic to his website and offer a free guide in exchange for the contact details. 


Then, send a few emails and do Facebook Video Ads Retargeting to pitch an offer” 


We agreed on the scope of work, cost, plan, and everything was brilliant!


I sent him an invoice with a healthy 5 figures range and he immediately made the payment.   

A few days later, the campaign was running and delivering great results. 


In a few weeks, Khamis got 300% ROI on his money and this was the biggest sale period in the company's history. 

Recognizing a new opportunity!​


Khamis is a smart guy and recognized the power of doing Facebook Video Ads this way. 

He asked for a meeting and wanted to pitch me an idea. 


His plan was that I teach him and his secretary (Janina Vecinal) on how to do their Facebook Video Marketing and online advertising themselves so that he doesn’t have to pay me 5 fires to keep his business running. 

Little did he knew that this was exactly my own plan and my core business model. (teaching entrepreneurs how to do their marketing themselves and achieve great results on their own) 

I said “YES” and immediately agreed on the guidelines, the scope, and the fees! 


I granted both of them access to my online training and scheduled a 1-on-1 training in their office after he made the payment for that of course.  


What happened after was a true transformation and a worth sharing story! 


Khamis became fully aware of how online marketing & Facebook Ads work. As a result, he started to create more effective plans and set a clear path for his business to grow. 
And with the help of Janina who understood the trade secrets and started to take over the marketing work for the company, they both made a great team and a huge growth in their sales in revenue resulting into 500% increase. 


After seeing the potential in Janian, Khamis promoted her to become a marketing manager for the company (a small team by the way - a total of 5 employees), but they did great things together. 


A few months later, Khamis added another product line to his business and started doing online marketing and Facebook Video Ads for other companies and achieve great results to them as well. 

I look into their story and feel proud and humble for the contribution I was able to make by showing them the way and taking by their hands and teaching them how to make it happen. 

My rule in this whole success was simple! I showed them what to do and how to do it. 

Their rule was BIG! … they did the work! 


They inspired me to reach to more people how got great potential and need help. 

People who have great products and services, but they don’t know how to make the most out of it. 


People who struggle from not reaching enough customers and not making a decent profit from their business. 


After seeing what happened to Khamis and Janina, I have more belief in people. I believe that anyone who’s ready to put the work and follow the steps can be tremendously successful. 

I believe in you and I want to help you too!     


If you accept my help, I’ll be more than happy to give you the exact same steps I gave to Khamis and to thousands of other entrepreneurs to make their business stand out for all the good reason. 


If you really desire a remarkable positive change in your life, I can help. 


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P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the conclusion:


This article is an inspiring story of how a small business increased their sales to 500% in a short time. And how a secretary became a marketing manager in less than 4 months. And how you too can do the same!


I’m also giving you the opportunity to learn the exact same system they followed to achieve such great results


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Huthayfa helped me increase the sales of my business by 500% with Facebook Video Marketing.

Khamis Al Mazrooei


I was a secretary for 2 years, and now I'm a marketing manager, creating campaigns for our company and for other clients. 


It happened because of what I learned from Huthayfa about Facebook Video Ads & online advertising.  This has changed my life.

Janina Vecinal


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