JAN 10, 2019

What happens to you and to your business if you don't reach more customers! ​

Huthayfa Nawafleh

Marketer & Entrepreneur 

Huthayfa is a digital marketer whose passion is all about how to use the internet and the technology to grow small businesses and help marketers and entrepreneurs live a stress free life. 

The core problem you’re facing as a small business is very clear! 

You’re not reaching more customers, and thus you’re not making a profit. 


In this article, I’ll highlight what’s gonna happen if you don’t solve this problem as soon as possible, what is the solution for it, how to solve it, and what’s gonna happen when it’s solved. 

This article is discussing the problem of how "NOT reaching more customers" can affect your life and make it hard. And how you can avoid the pain associated with this problem by simply leveraging Facebook Ads to grow your business and reach to more customers. 


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My true intention from sharing this is not to make you panic, but to give you a WAKEUP CALL! 


Most people go on with life saying “I’m fine” … “I’ll be okay” … “everything will be good at the end” 


Until suddenly they are not fine, everything is not okay, and they start to regret that they didn’t do something about this problem earlier. 


Or even worse, they start to blame others for what happened to them. Things like the economy weren't good, my partner screwed me, my customers don’t have money, and the list goes on. 


All that doesn’t change anything! The fact is the fact. They missed up .. big time!  


Because of this problem (that you were aware of from day 1) you’re in where you are today. 

But don’t worry, there’s a fix for you and you definitely can change the situation and turn it to your favor. I’ll tell you how in a minute. 


But first, let me hope that you still not in such a position yet and you still have time! 
What is going to happen if you don’t pay attention to this core problem? 
What is going to happen if you don’t reach more customers? 
What is going to happen if you don’t make more profit today? 


Think on the long term! 

1 year from now,
5 years from now, 
10 years from now. 

How your life would look like? 
How about your business? 
How are you going to show up in life? 
Did you think of your family? 
Your lifestyle, 
Your confidence, 
Your passion, 


We all know it’s not a bright side at all, don’t we? 



From the other side, if we solved this problem by reaching to more of the right customers and making more profit from the business; WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? 


I bet you know already, right? 


Think of all the good things that you can do to yourself, 
To your family, 
To your community, 
To your business! 

Think long term again! 

How your life, your career, and your business would look like 1 year from now, 
5 years from now, 
10 years from now? 


Nothing is more powerful than your ability to predict the future and know for sure it’s going as you want it to be. 

Now that we identified the problem: NOT REACHING MORE OF THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS! 



The remaining thing is how you can actually do it. 

While business in its core principles is simple, but it’s not always.
Any business model ever created is made of 2 main processes and both of them should sync together in order to be successful.


We need a process to acquire customers,

and a process to deliver our promise once someone pays for our thing.  


The challenge that most businesses are faced with is mostly related to the first process (how to get customers) 


Even though it’s never been easier and more affordable than today for businesses to get in front of their customers, it’s still not an easy job for most. 




As technology and social media evolve, its algorithms become smarter and more greedy to the degree that small businesses (like me and you) can’t reach their customers without paying for it. 


So, it’s a matter of advertising now. 


But what if you advertise and don’t get results (profit)! 


Beyond any doubt, any business (small or big) is ready to invest money on paid Ads ONLY if they knew they’re going to make a profit at the end. But unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.  


So how can you rest assured that every time you spend money on Ads, you’ll make a profit and sell to more customers? 


Amongst all the advertising platforms available right now, Facebook is the most effective, cheapest, and easiest way to advertise your business and literally reach millions of potential buyers for pennies. 


$20 spent on Facebook Ads outperforms a full month of traditional hustling and useless marketing. 


And here’s the good news: 

You can start using Facebook Ads and running your campaigns without having to hire a marketing agency or even leaving your office. 


There’re a few things you should know about FB Ads and once you get them, you’re all set. 

You can drive quality visits to your website, get quality leads, and more customers in a matter of a few days. 

In other words, if you are not reaching enough people and you're not making a profit from your business, then “FacebookTM Ads” is the solution to your problem. 


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P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the conclusion:


This article is discussing the problem of how not reaching more customers and how that can affect your life and make it hard.


And how you can avoid the pain associated with this problem by simply leveraging Facebook Ads to grow your business and reach to more customers.


I’m also giving you an opportunity to learn 4 Facebook Ads Secrets To Profit From In 2019.


Click here to get the free training!




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