JAN 11, 2019

What's The Best Source Of Knowledge For Busy Entrepreneurs? ​

Huthayfa Nawafleh

Marketer & Entrepreneur 

Huthayfa is a digital marketer whose passion is all about how to use the internet and the technology to grow small businesses and help marketers and entrepreneurs live a stress free life. 

As life gets busy, and work becomes more crowded with meetings, to-do lists, deadlines, and more responsibilities; we as entrepreneurs try to always learn new things and apply it to our life and our career to achieve better results without loosing focus.   


In this article, I’ll share with you what I stand to believe IS THE BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE EVER BEEN AVAILABLE TO THE ENTIRE HUMANITY.  


And especially to entrepreneurs! 

This article is about some important PROs & CONs of online courses and it's sharing a personal story that you may reflect on. The goal is to help you define the best way to acquire knowledge and new skills to grow to a better person and take your business to the next level. 


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In the summer of 2014, I decided to invest in a training program teaching social media and online marketing in Dubai. 


The program was planned to be delivered in Media One Hotel, Dubai over 8 weeks period of time (every Saturday) I paid the fees (AED10,000  /  around $2,700 USD) and enrolled in the training course. 


The challenge was that I had to travel from Down-Town Abu Dhabi every week to attend the training, spend 8 hours there, and drive back home once finished. (around 4 hours drive) 

I was happy and excited about the training and never complained about driving 4 hours nor about spending 8 hours trying to catch with what the instructor is sharing with us. 


The promise of the training was to learn how to run our marketing campaigns ourselves and take charge of growing our businesses independently through online advertising.  


Little did I know that what I was learning from this expensive and time-consuming training wasn't even close to making that promise happen. 


And I can’t get my money back. 


I decided to continue anyway hoping that things will get better the next day. 


It didn’t. 


I can say that I left the training almost as I started. 


Yeah, I learned some new terminologies and explored the general concept of how things work, but didn’t learn how to do it myself. 


Maybe I wasn’t a good student, who knows. 


But I was serious about the training and tried hard to apply what I learned into business. 

Anyway, life went on and I decided to hire a marketing agency to do marketing for my company because I felt like I can’t do it myself.  


I thought that I can choose the right agency to do the job because at least I learned something from the training and I can’t protect myself from lousy marketers who promise big things and don’t deliver anything. 


To my surprise, I was wrong again! 


The training didn’t even help me chose a good marketing company and this second mistake cost me AED25,000 ( around $6,800 USD) 


I became desperate and felt like a failure. 


Until some night I saw a video on Facebook promoting an online course about how to advertise online! 


I was skeptical at the beginning and associated the bad experience I had with this new opportunity.  


I checked the training website and read more about it and all was the same. 

Big promises and a bright future. 


I kept scrolling till the bottom of that website to see a huge headline saying: “MONEY BACK GUARANTEED”  If you didn’t find the training valuable, we’ll refund your money. 


I said to myself: this is worth trying! 


I purchased the course as I remember for $997 USD and got a username and password to login to the training. 


This was my first time ever purchasing an online course and I’m glad I did. 

The information was different, really valuable, and convenient to access! 


I didn’t have to travel anywhere to learn (I was literally learning from my bed), 
I can take the training anytime I want, 
I can see the training as many times as I want, 
I can use it as a reference in case I needed a reminder about something in the future,
I was able to see everything done in front of my eyes so I literally was pausing the video and go apply the exact things, 



From that moment till today, I started purchasing online courses instead of going to traditional training programs. 


This has made it easier and faster for me to learn and improve my life, my career, and my business! 


Heck, I even started to make online courses and offering it to others online. 


Because of the experience I got from practicing business and doing marketing, I decided to share my knowledge with people who need it the most in any place in the world. 


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Knowing something, and acting on it are totally different two things! 


While we know that E-Learning is way more effective than traditional learning,  but for some reason, most of us don’t leverage its full potential. 


Here are some cons and pros of online courses:  


Flexibility: If you work, have a family life or just a busy life, it can be difficult to fit traditional classroom time in. Online courses are convenient and flexible. You’ll still have due dates but you can choose when to post to discussion boards and access assignments. Attend a lecture at 4 PM or 4 AM. Take a break from your job and get online and in “class,” or do coursework from home in your pajamas. You don’t have to worry about your clothes or your commute.


Fast: Because there is so much independent work in an online program, you set the pace. You can work as quickly as you want. 


Options: Online offerings are more diverse and complete than ever, and growing every year. More than 5 million people take online courses today. You can learn what you need to know, in a way that fits your life.




Limits: Some content isn’t offered in an online format. For example, you can watch a hundred videos on welding, but until you have that welder in your hand, you’re never going to master your technique. For some jobs, it's even more effective. Online marketing for example! You can attend 100 classes teaching online markting, but if you don't watch a video doing the jib in front of your eyes and moving stuff on the computer, you won't get it.   

Learning styles: Today’s online instruction is often geared toward a variety of learners.


Whether you like to listen to lectures or watch videos, you can find an online resource. On the other hand, if you’re a hands-on learner who benefits most from face-to-face contact with instructors and classmates, you may want to limit the number of online courses you include in your life. If you choose a blended learning format, you can learn online and then try out what you learn, under the supervision of a qualified instructor. But sometimes, a qualified instructor is not accessible for you or not available in your city.


Independent: Online programs require you to take charge of your education. No one will make you sign into the online portal, complete assignments and do the work. If you have difficulty working independently, staying organized and meeting deadlines, you might struggle in an online program.

In the end, you know what best work for you and your business and I’m sure you can make the right decision. 

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the conclusion:


This article is the PROs & CONs of online courses and sharing a personal story that you may reflect on. The goal is to help you define the best way to acquire knowledge and new skills to grow to a better person and take your business to the next level.


Also, I share an opportunity that helps you leverage Facebook Video Ads to drive quality traffic, more leads, and more customers to your business


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