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If you're the kind of person (like me) who love the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur and you desire more in life, then this is the right place to start a new journey that makes you (not just more money) but more impact and fulfillment. 

Huthayfa Nawafleh 

Entrepreneurship Coach & Mentor

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The “live below your means” mindset teaches you to think too narrowly. In fact, it doesn’t force you to think at all.


Rather than force you to think of new ways to make money, it teaches you to be merciless in what you spend your money on.


You’re forced to figure out your needs vs wants. And most of the time, that leaves little to nothing left over to spend on what you want. And no one likes living like that.


It’s awful.


The rich don’t live below their means. Rather, they make better means.


Not everyone wants to be filthy rich—I get it.


But imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t stress about money.


Most people don’t know how to think about money because the education system doesn’t teach proper financial education.


This often results in: poor spending habits, increased bad debt, and—ultimately— getting stuck in the rat race... so what to do? 

I’m here to help you. Before you start this journey, you need to understand a few things. 

  • First, having a basic understanding of how to make money outside of your “paycheck” is going to put you leaps and bounds above most people

  • Second, there is no guarantee that your job is going to be there forever, so wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative to turn to

  • Third, if you want to get out of the Rat Race, you need a proper entrepreneurship education

The bottom line is this: Take your money seriously by learning to become financially savvy about managing and growing your money.


And…Stop budgeting!


Give yourself a raise by getting more out of every dollar by simply putting your mind to work on the right things.

I invite you to join our entrepreneurship community where you'll learn actionable tactics to get you closer to your dreams. No fluff, no BS ...it's all positive energy, world-class knowledge, strategies, and information that no one else can give to you in the UAE. 


Join our community and see for yourself. 


Good Luck, 
Huthayfa Nawafleh 

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